About Carter Associates

Carter Associates was founded in 1976 and has been an industry leader in creating cutting edge technologies, forward thinking and providing excellent customer service. We are family owned and operated across three facilities in Southern Michigan that provide 60,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. Since our founding, we have continually grown, expanding our product lines and aiming to provide our customers with cost-effective, product-saving reusable packaging and the industry's best corrugated dunnage, shipping totes, thermoformed packaging and more.

Carter Associates resusable packaging solutionsFrom our earliest beginnings, we have maintained a focus on high quality, low cost packaging solutions. As our operation grew, we remained committed to bolstering our product lines by investigating new materials, processes and assembly methods. In light of what we learned, we applied our knowledge to new markets and even opted to expand into the world of screen-printed signs.

Whether you're looking for corrugated plastic signs, pallet storage containers, reusable packaging or anything in between, you can rest assured that Carter Associates has the staff, experience and equipment needed to address your needs head on.

The history of Carter Associates

1976: Carter Associates, Inc. was started by Mr. Lloyd Carter as a service company selling plastic parts and tooling. At the time, the molds and parts were manufactured for him by custom molders and toolmakers.

1982: The business was located in an office in Mr. Carter's home near Constantine, Michigan. It was later moved to offices on Fawn River Road near Sturgis, Michigan.

1984: In January, the business was incorporated and moved to 609 E. Chicago Road in Sturgis.

1985: A small plant was purchased and renovated at 501 W. Lafayette in Sturgis, where the company began doing secondary work on plastic parts in addition to its regular business.

1986: Mr. Alan Carter joined the corporation and started to develop the corrugated plastic dunnage, containers and sleeves that we manufacture today.

1987: The plant was expanded, more than doubling its former size, and truck dock facilities were added.

1988: Sales outgrew the existing facilities and larger, more expandable buildings and properties were purchased in Burr Oak, Michigan.

1989-1991: The company added to and expanded the existing facilities.

1999: Carter Associates, Inc. launched its website to maintain pace with technology and to provide a valuable resource to current and prospective clients.

2002: Carter Associates expanded its scope to include manufacturing supplies for sign companies and began producing screen-printed signs on site.

2004: The Sign Factory site was created with the purposes of streamlining the ordering process for clients interested in signage.