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From recent developments in the design of reusable packaging and returnable containers to new manufacturing methods for creating durable, long-lasting sleeves and dunnage, Carter Associates aims to stay current will all of the latest industry news. To stay up-to-date with our interests and progress, be sure to visit this page often as we are always seeking ways to expand our knowledge and improve our products.

The Best in Customized Dunnage and Plastic Signs


Carter Associates Manufacturing specializes in shipping containers, plastic sleeves, and totes. We have a wide range of options including thermoforming and customized dunnage. Not only do we have a manufacturing for our dunnage, but we also produce plastic signs made from the same strong corrugated plastic. Utilized in a range of applications, from graduation and special events to sports and outdoor event promotions, our signs are designed to withstand the elements

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Pack Your Valuables with Custom Plastic Sleeves and Containers


We do totes, shipping containers, plastic sleeves, and more! With Carter Associates, we have the ability to custom thermoform our pallets and dunnage to perfectly fit your valuables to keep them safe throughout traveling and storage. In addition to this, our totes and sleeves are made collapsible to save your warehouse space! With our safe packing material, storing, warehousing, and handling – our cost-effective, high quality reusable packaging is the most efficient route to take when looking for tough containers that will last.

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We Offer Only the Best In Thermoformed Dunnage Prototyping


Thermoformed Dunnage Prototyping is one of the services that Carter Associates Manufacturing, Inc. does best. Our clients deserve quality products and services that reduce their costs and that is why we offer virtual sampling and prototyping for our thermoformed dunnage. In doing this, we can give our clients a preview of their dunnage with customized visual representation.

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Why our Tuf-Totes are the Tough you Want


Carter Associates Manufacturing has Tuf-Tote shipping totes and Tuf-Pak sleeves that are made to last. Our Tuf-Pak shipping containers are the toughest sleeves on the market. For added durability, they can even be manufactured from cross-laminated corrugated plastic and bolstered with metal reinforcements. Our products have a wide array of benefits including their rigidity and strength. Read more about our shipping totes and sleeves!

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Custom Solutions for your Storage Needs


At Carter Associates Manufacturing we not only provide our customers with collapsible plastic storage containers, but we provide custom engineering and prototyping for your shipping and storage needs. Whether you are searching for thermoformed dunnage, pallet storage containers, reusable packaging, or corrugated plastic sleeves; we will work with you to create the perfection solution for your product.

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Shop the Best Shipping Containers at Carter


Carter Associates Shipping Containers are the most durable totes and sleeves that you can find on the market. We pride ourselves in using Tuf-Pak shipping containers that are made from corrugated plastic and strengthened using metal reinforcements. These tough totes and sleeves are made to last with a weather and moisture resistant technology in addition to their economical stacking and collapsing feature.

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Consistent and Reliable Service at Carter Associates


We know that the materials you package are important and that is why they need to be properly stored and protected. At Carter Associates Manufacturing, we provide our customers with the best in Tuf-pack, so their products can be protected properly. 

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Why Quality Reusable Packaging Matters


If you’ve spent any amount of time managing your operation’s packaging materials, you know that quality matters. Low quality packaging materials, especially reusable packaging, can be a costly, long-term expense that eliminates many – if not all – of the benefits of using reusable packaging. In addition to this, you’ve likely dealt with customer service runarounds, replacement issues, and shipping delays. At Carter Associates, we pride ourselves on providing the industry’s best customer service and – more importantly – the market’s highest quality packaging materials.

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We Work with You Every Step of the Way


 No matter the product, we will work with you to custom manufacture it based on the specifications and requirements that need to be met. We can engineer any item, such as our corrugated plastics and dunnage to fit your product so that it remains safe through the entire transit.

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Learn More About Our Tuf-Pak Sleeves and Totes


It can be tough to find the right type of shipping containers for your business. Luckily, Carter Associates offers the most durable, cost-efficient, and customizable shipping sleeves and totes on the market with our Tuf-Pak products. 

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