Building Temporary Cubicles, Workspaces, Booths, or Stands? You Need Structural Laminates!

Structural Laminates

If you’re looking to build out temporary workspaces, trade show booths, or outdoor stands, you’ll definitely want to look into structural laminates from Carter Associates. Built from rugged, economical corrugated plastic, they’re engineered to stand up to any application that you can throw at them. Need a water-resistant, outdoor snack stand? Or workspaces that can withstand a hectic environment? How about freestanding booths that’ll handle large amounts of traffic during a craft show? If you answered yes to any of these, you’ll be glad to know that our structural laminates can get the job done! Today, we’re going to look at a little closer at a few of the applications that they’re suited for.


Are you looking to break up the floor of your workplace? Structural laminates allow you to create long-lasting – but still temporary – cubicles for each of your employees. With a more private, personal workspace, they’ll be able to gain some privacy and focus on their work without all the distractions of an open environment.

Trade shows

If you’re planning to exhibit your products at a trade show, you’ll want to create a space for your visitors. What better way than with a divider that shows them they’re stepping into your world? With structural laminates, you can create – and decorate – an area that truly, accurately, and effectively engages the show’s visitors.

At Carter Associates, our goal is to provide our customers with all of the corrugated plastic products that they need. Whether you’re looking for dunnage, signage, structural pieces, or totes, you can be confident that our team will work with you to understand your needs and – more importantly – identify solutions. So, if you’ve been searching for a new supplier of in-house shipping materials, we encourage you to browse our site, take a look at what we have to offer, and contact us with any questions that you have.

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