A Look at 3 Major Reasons to Switch to Reusable Packaging

Reusable Packaging

As a way to save money and streamline your operation’s shipping, reusable packaging is a proven, surefire solution that will deliver results. Utilized by countless companies across the globe, reusable packaging is a cost-efficient option offers increased durability, improved product security, and more. The packaging available from Carter Associates is made from corrugated plastic, which guarantees better protection than cardboard and promises substantial savings over time. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss three of the major benefits of switching to reusable packaging.

1. Improved protection

More often than not, if damage occurs to your products, it happens when they’re in transit. Moving from one location to another, there’s opportunities for them to bang against each other, be dropped, or be crushed beneath the weight of other packages. Reusable packaging utilizes stronger materials that are better able to withstand these occurrences.

2. Streamlined floorspace

In most facilities, usable floorspace is a rare commodity. Always in demand, more floorspace means more space for equipment, workers, and other essential items. By utilizing our packaging, you eliminate the need to keep hundreds of cardboard boxes on hand, which frees up the space they would consume for more profitable things.

3. Reduce costs

While the initial cost of switching over to reusable packaging can be more expensive, the long-term financial benefits are obvious. When you no longer need to replace cardboard boxes every few months, weeks, or even days, you eliminate a lot of ongoing costs and — maybe more importantly — you avoid the logistical hassle of ensuring you have enough boxes on hand.

At Carter Associates, we are committed to offering the industry’s most versatile, durable, and cost-effective packaging options. No matter the size of your operation or your application, we will work with you to ensure your products are protected and your costs are reduced!

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