Pack Your Valuables with Custom Plastic Sleeves and Containers


We do totes, shipping containers, plastic sleeves, and more! With Carter Associates, we have the ability to custom thermoform our pallets and dunnage to perfectly fit your valuables to keep them safe throughout traveling and storage. In addition to this, our totes and sleeves are made collapsible to save your warehouse space! With our safe packing material, storing, warehousing, and handling – our cost-effective, high quality reusable packaging is the most efficient route to take when looking for tough containers that will last.

Thermoformed Dunnage

At Carter Associates Manufacturing, we offer plastic corrugated dunnage, thermoformed, and foam dunnage. We prioritize CAD capabilities and the best technological manufacturing components to provide our customers with the total systems package. With our expansive warehouse, we are able to store our products on site, which reduces lead times and guarantees premium products. Whether your product needs low tolerance layer pads or high tolerance plastic corrugated products, we can ship you what you need quickly – allowing you to concentrate on other projects and improve efficiency. We can fabricate urethanes, ethylenes, and styrenes with the use of die cutting, water jetting, and molding. If you have any questions about our services or our thermoformed dunnage options, contact us and we can discuss the best option for your product and business.

Thermoformed Pallets

Made from a tough and rigid plastic, our custom thermoformed pallets are a perfect way to store corrugated plastic sleeves and shipping totes. These pallets are made to last, as well as reusable and recyclable. These cost-effective pallets are also ideal for saving spaces in your warehouse due to their unique stacking capabilities. We offer our pallets in a variety of sizes, including 30x32, 45x45, 48x32, 48x40, 48x45, 48x48, 48x54, and 48x64. Carter Associates is also proud to offer custom vacuum formed components, materials and assemblies for dunnage, OEM components, and pallets. No matter what you are looking for, we can design your custom part using our 3D CAD ability.

Carter Associates Manufacturing offers designing, prototyping, and custom engineering for your products. Contact us today to get started with an efficient and effective storing and shipping assembly. Call us or use our online form, we look forward to hearing from you.

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