Professionally Crafted Returnable Plastic Containers for Any Need

Plastic Returnable Containers

When businesses need returnable plastic containers for their goods or products, Carter Associates crafts some of the best corrugated plastic and durable shipping totes that can be used specifically for this purpose. Our containers are crafted with your products in mind, adhering to the requirements they have for packing so that they might travel safer. We have designed plastic containers for products of all shapes and sizes, so you know that your products are safe with our containers.

With our years of experience, we have crafted some of the best returnable plastic containers on the market. Using only the latest bonding techniques and forming processes, our containers are reliable and up to the task of protecting your products.

Made to specification

Rather than just offer a variety of sizes for manufacturers to choose from for their returnable plastic containers, Carter Associates provides modular designs, custom sizes, and custom internal dunnage, all according to your specifications. Through prototyping, we make sure that the container that we measure out and manufacture fits everything that it needs to and that your products sit within how you want them to.

Simply discuss with our team what needs to be done with your plastic containers, and we will work on designs to deliver a working sample for you to look at.

Products stay better protected

When you choose Carter Associates for your returnable plastic containers, you choose containers that help products stay better protected for longer. With designs like our Tuf-Totes, which are built with state-of-the-art adhesive bonding instead of stitching or sonic welds that are less dependable and can lead to additional and unnecessary wear and tear over years of use, you always get the best containers for whatever need your products have.

Our economical designs also allow you to save on returnable plastic containers, no matter how fragile your products are. Through effective dunnage put within a dependable plastic container, everything can be kept safe while reducing the cost of your packaging for shipment.

Whatever application you need our plastic returnable containers for, Carter Associates has the best solutions for the task. With designs that are easily handled, lightweight, and durable for extended periods of use, you won’t find a better option that us. Contact our team today to learn more about our returnable plastic containers and how they might help keep your products safe on the road.

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