Returnable Containers and the Environment: What You Need to Know


It’s an unfortunate reality that plastic waste causes damage to the environment we all share together. When we use containers only once or twice, we end up creating waste that not only causes harm to the environment, but also incurs persistent and unnecessary costs for those who use them. Here at Carter Associates, we know better than anyone the costs that these wasted plastics can incur. That’s why, in this month’s blog post, we want to take the time to discuss how Carter Associates brings returnable containers that save money and the environment through businesses across the Midwest.

The Benefits of Returnable Containers on the Environment

According to the University of Colorado, Boulder, the landfills that single-use plastics are sent to account for nearly 15% of the methane gas emissions in the United States. When it comes to the environment, it seems to be evident that single-use plastics and that plastics that are not returnable have a major negative impact on the environment we share. For that reason, we offer returnable containers that can be used again and again and again. When you buy returnable containers from Carter Associates, you’re putting a stopper on waste in the most important part of the process: before the wastefulness can even begin.

The Benefits of Returnable Containers on Your Bottom Line

In addition to the many measurable benefits that reusable containers have on the environment, they also possess an equally great number of benefits to your bottom line. While the cost of single-use packaging in the short term may seem more affordable, transitioning to a model that can support reusable packaging is almost always superior in the long run. In fact, according to the Reusable Packaging Association, there are several avenues through which reusable packaging saves businesses money beyond just the reduction of unnecessary waste. Some of these avenues are:

  • Space Efficiencies: Nowadays, reusable shipping containers are generally designed to be stackable, foldable, and more easily stored than their one-use counterparts.
  • Labor Efficiencies: Standardized reusable packaging makes it easier to streamline labor and packaging costs.
  • Production Protection: Because reusable containers are designed for repeat use, they generally make for much sturdier packaging solutions, keeping goods safely secured.

Are you interested in securing returnable containers that will save you money and keep the world a cleaner, greener place? If so, then we at Carter Associates are here to help you achieve that goal. Simply click here to contact us today so we can help you get started.

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