Returnable Containers Help Save on Holiday Shipping

Returnable Containers

With mass amounts of products being moved during the holiday season, returnable containers are a great option for businesses because they can help them save on what they would otherwise spend with shipping containers. Packaging costs can add up quick when you are moving large amounts of goods, so returnable containers, especially durable and dependable ones, are a great resource to have to cut down on those costs.

Carter Associates provides totes that serve as excellent returnable containers for a variety of products. Available in heavy duty or light weight versions of similar designs, the returnable containers that we provide can carry both products light or heavy, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Match products with containers

Returnable containers that carry products during a busy holiday season are a great benefit, but they are even more beneficial to businesses when they fit the products that they are carrying. A deep or wide container may work well enough, but efficiency during the shipping process can allow a business to improve the number of products being moved, and thus, their profits.

Carter Associates creates totes that are customizable to fit your requirements, making them one of the best options during the holiday season. The modular design of our returnable containers makes them able to be incorporated with plastic pallets, fit to your products’ requirements, making for a safe a secure shipping tote.

Easy storing

When you have returnable containers you regularly use for your products, it is beneficial to choose ones that are there when you need them, but not in the way the rest of the time. With the increased holiday demand, you likely need more shipping containers than during the rest of the year, so having containers that are easy to store is a great benefit.

The returnable containers that Carter Associates manufactures are lightweight and stackable, making it simple to store them year after year as the number you use changes with demand. Carter Associates understand the needs of our customers, so we have designed our durable shipping totes to not only withstand extensive use, but make for simple storing when they’re not in use during slower times of the year.

Carter Associates designs and constructs some of the highest quality durable shipping totes on the market that can help you meet the demands of shipping during the holiday season. Contact our team to learn more about the benefits our totes offer and how they can help you!

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