Save Money on Reusable Containers for Kalamazoo Shipping


Now that the spring has at long last arrived to thaw out those Michigan roads, shipping is hopefully much faster and much less expensive. Whether or not you’re experiencing better shipping prices, however, there is a way to save even more money: returnable containers. Heavy shipping containers mean more work and more weight, which means more money you have to spend to get your products where they need to be. By using Tuf-Tote reusable containers, however, you can save on both work and weight over and over and over again.

A Storage Solution for Those Tight on Space

One of the best aspects of Tuf-Tote returnable totes is their ability to easily be stored. The returnable totes we create are designed with storage in mind, and we made them to be both light and easy to stack. That way, moving totes around is a breeze in times where you don’t need to be shipping much. Additionally, these totes are made with cutting edge adhesive bonding, which makes them capable of holding weights vastly heavier than comparable totes. Our modular tote design also makes Tuf-Totes ideal for shipping on plastic pallets, where they fit snugly and securely together. This is particularly nice when using some of our larger tote models, which come in both heavy duty and lightweight versions.

Reliable Every Shipment

In addition to our totes’ adhesive bonding, the Tuf-Tote is always created with uniformity to those that came before it and those that came after. These totes have no stitching or sonic welds, which means there will be fewer imperfections in each of these totes as compared to those that do use these methods of construction. For those who need specialized shipping containers for their products, we also offer custom sizes and internal construction of our totes to best accommodate you and your product.

If you feel that your reusable Tuf-Tote is finally ready for retirement, we make them so they’re 100% recyclable, giving you the peace of mind that you’re doing what’s right for the environment when you go about disposing them.

If you’re looking to alleviate your shipping container headaches once and for all, contact us today to get returnable containers made just for you. We know shipping can be a stressful process—but it doesn’t need to be. Reach out to us so we can help get your product where it ought to be over and over again.

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