Stop Wasting Containers with Reusable Packaging


If you don’t have reusable packaging as a key component of your shipping and receiving process, then you’ve probably faced problems such as frequently acquiring new packaging and spending money on disposing of one-time use packaging.  At the same time, the environmental impact of one-use shipping containers quickly stacks up, and can leave an immense footprint on the health of our ecosystem. At Carter Associates Manufacturing, we understand that you care about both the benefits your business brings to the world as well as the environmental impact your packaging has on it. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how you can use our reusable packaging to your advantage as well as how our reusable packaging reduces your impacts on the environment.

Reusable Containers that Save You Money

Whether you deal in consistent or inconsistent shipments as a part of your business operations, reusable containers and returnable containers can save you thousands of dollars throughout the years that you have them. For your reusable containers to provide you with optimal value, however, they’ll need to be high quality. That’s why we offer Tuf-Tote returnable containers for all your shipping needs. Tuf-Totes are crafted using cutting-edge adhesive bonding techniques, which specialize in keeping costs low while also lasting longer than corrugated plastic totes. Additionally, these totes don’t suffer from the structural weaknesses caused by stitching and sonic welds, meaning they will maintain their integrity for much longer than reusable shipping containers do.

Keeping Southwestern Michigan Green and Clean

Throughout Kalamazoo and St. Joseph counties, the beauty of Michigan’s natural landscape is difficult to contest. Keeping that natural landscape beautiful, however, is a responsibility we all share. That’s why we design products such as our thermoformed packaging to be both reusable and recyclable. Additionally, these long-lasting containers are both durable and cost-effective, meaning that your one-time purchase of these items could be both the cheapest and final purchase of dunnage that you ever make. Furthermore, if you have unique needs for your packaging or the goods you’re transporting require special dunnage for safe movement, then we’ll work with you to create custom reusable packaging designed in 3D CAD.

Are you interested in reducing the cost of your shipping and increasing the margins on your goods, all while keeping your business environmentally friendly? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss getting the exact right reusable containers for you.

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