Thermoformed Packing, Dunnage, And Pallets Available


Carter Associate’s thermoformed packing, dunnage, and pallets are an ideal way to safely ship or store your items. With our reusable and recyclable options made to last, it is a perfect way to assure that your product will remain in its original form. We offer custom vacuumed formed components, materials and assemblies for dunnage, OEM components and pallets. Our team will work with you to choose or custom design your part from the ground up using our 3D CAD capabilities.



Our sleeves are one of our primary products – they are cross laminated shipping containers reinforced with metal inserts for stability. Our sleeves help you maximize storage space and reduce freight costs. The shipping totes are designed to give a high level of utility at a low cost to you. We take your requirements into consideration to custom design a Tuf-Tote for your needs while utilizing cutting edge bonding techniques to make you the strongest and most reliable product on the market. Our totes are assembled using adhesive bonding which means that their strength is guaranteed to last longer than less durable corrugated plastic totes. We have heavy duty, light weight, and stackable options available.



We provide a variety of ways to protect your product, including plastic corrugated dunnage, thermoformed dunnage, and foam dunnage. In our manufacturing process, we use our state-of-the-art technology to make the highest quality thermoformed parts. Using our CAD and computer-controlled processing to produce a thermoformed dunnage that will help you protect your parts from the harsh and sometimes hazardous shipping environments. We have the capability to fabricate urethanes, styrenes, ethylenes using die cutting, water jet cutting, and molding. Our main objective is to create a design that provides your product with the greatest density and protection. Whether you have layer pads or plastic corrugated assemblies, we will ship your products to you quickly, freeing up your time for other projects with the decreased lead times.



Our custom thermoformed pallets are made to store our corrugated plastic sleeves and shipping totes. All of our pallets can be nested and stacked when not in use, giving you optimal use of your facility’s floor space. Our thermoformed dunnage and packing also offers a long-lasting solution to your facility’s storage and transportation needs. Though we do offer custom pallets, we also offer the standard sizes from 30” by 32” to 48” by 64”.


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