Tuf-Totes for Durable, Dependable Shipping Containers


Carter Associates Manufacturing offers the most durable shipping totes and sleeves available on the market. Available in a durable cross-laminated plastic reinforced with metal, our Tuf-Pack sleeves and Tuf-Tote shipping containers have the strength and longevity you need for reliable shipping and storage solutions. In today’s post, we will take an in-depth look at why these products are the perfect choice for your needs.

Learn About the Tuf-Totes Brand of Shipping Totes

When you need to ship your products, you need to make sure they arrive at their destination safely. By using our Tuf-Totes shipping containers, you get the peace of mind knowing that your products will be in a tough, durable container that will protect it throughout its journey. These Tuf-Totes can be customized by size and can even be printed on. They are modular for easy storage and completely recyclable. For added stability during the shipping process, we can even provide with internal dunnage to fit your products and keep them from shifting around during transportation. Tuf-totes give you a unique combination of strength and convenience at a price that will fit within your budget. Plus, because they can be used over and over, you will get more mileage out of your shipping tote investment.

Customizable Tuf-Pak Sleeves Protect Your Products from Damage During Transit

We offer a wide variety of Tuf-Pak sleeves and containers that can be customized to fit your custom specifications. They feature a side wall that can be modified for easy loading and unloading, and these sleeve are strong enough to protect your product from being damaged during shipping. Our economical sleeves, pallets, totes, and dunnage can all be customized to meet your needs and safely transport your products to your customers.

If you have custom product shipping needs, we can provide you with a prototype that will allow you to test the design before it goes into production. No matter what your shipping needs may be, our experienced professionals will provide you with the solutions you need.

We at Carter Associates Manufacturing are dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure that we can provide the very best shipping containers in the world. These affordable totes and sleeves will meet your shipping needs while also helping keep your business profitable. We love a challenge and look forward to coming up with effective solutions to your custom shipping tote needs. Contact us and tell us how we can help you today!

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