Understanding 3 Types of Reusable Packaging


In the pursuit of sustainable business practices, the choice of packaging plays a pivotal role. How much you’re shipping, how often, how fragile the freight is, and many more factors play in deciding the packaging you use.

With so many factors to keep track of, deciding which type of packaging is best might start to seem like an impossible task. For that reason, we’re taking today’s blog post to discuss 3 types of reusable packaging that will save your business money.

1. Corrugated Dunnage

Corrugated dunnage, the unsung hero of secure transit, forms the bedrock of our packaging exploration. Tailored to ensure the safe transportation of products, its structured design is particularly crucial in industries where product integrity is paramount. From fragile electronics to robust machinery, corrugated dunnage stands as a reliable choice, ensuring items reach their destination in optimal condition.

Here at Carter Associates, we recommend using our thermoformed dunnage for transportation of products that require unique protections in transit.

2. Shipping Totes

Shipping totes emerge as versatile and durable solutions, capable of adapting to a multitude of applications. Their flexibility makes them suitable for transporting a wide range of products, from perishable goods to delicate components. The adaptability of shipping totes not only ensures the safe transit of diverse items but also allows businesses to customize solutions based on specific needs, making them a cornerstone of sustainable packaging.

3. Thermoformed Packaging

In the realm of innovative and sustainable design, thermoformed packaging takes center stage. Offering a perfect blend of form and function, thermoformed packaging is more than just an environmentally friendly option—it's a canvas for customization. Businesses can reduce their environmental impact while enjoying unparalleled design flexibility. Thermoformed packaging stands at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of sustainable design, offering a glimpse into the future of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Each of these types of reusable packaging, from corrugated dunnage to shipping totes and thermoformed packaging, brings its unique strengths to the table. In recap:

  • Corrugated Dunnage: Ideal for products in need of density and protection.
  • Shipping Totes: Best for cost-efficient shipping and lightweight storage.
  • Thermoformed Packaging: Preferred for storing shipping totes and plastic sleeves.

Are you ready to explore the many options for reusable packaging available at Carter Associates? For personalized insight or more information on which option may be best for you, click here to contact us today.

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