We Work with You Every Step of the Way

Carter Associates

Here at Carter Associates Manufacturing we work with you to provide your business with the finest quality and cost-effective reusable packaging. Whether it be our thermoformed dunnage, corrugated plastic sleeves, pallet storage containers, or totes– we are your full systems source for returnable and reusable containers! Our solutions incorporate engineering and prototyping of your packaging, so you have a streamlined process.


We pride ourselves in the fact that we custom engineer products to your individual needs. No matter the product, we will work with you to custom manufacture it based on the specifications and requirements that need to be met. We can engineer any item, such as our corrugated plastics and dunnage to fit your product so that it remains safe through the entire transit. With our easy to store, foldable containers, they can be stored almost anywhere and not take up mass amounts of space in your warehouse – with no assembly required! Carter Associates takes a little of the worry away that comes with shipping valuable and breakable products by giving your product the customized fit it requires.


Our goal is to help reduce your costs and one way we achieve this is by offering virtual sampling and prototyping services. Through these services we are able to give our clients a preview of their dunnage by giving them visual representation. To receive a virtual sample, you only need to send us the part that you wish to create packaging for and within a week, our design team will have a detailed graphic that will show your part paired with our proposed dunnage. Why use generic dunnage and packaging that doesn’t fit to your product when you can use our affordable customized reusable totes and shipping containers!

Whole Process

The team at Carter Associates will work with you to develop all-encompassing solutions to your packaging needs. This includes our foam, corrugated, and thermoformed dunnage, our pallet and corrugated plastic sleeves, our totes, structural laminates, and plastic signage. All our items are available for customization to fit your business and product specifications. We are a trusted and streamlined source for all your custom returnable and reusable packaging.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to optimize closed loop material handling or safeguard your products from potential transit damage – we will work with you to find a solution! If you are interested in our customized packaging or any of our other products, please contact us for a quote!

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