Why our Tuf-Totes are the Tough you Want


Carter Associates Manufacturing has Tuf-Tote shipping totes and Tuf-Pak sleeves that are made to last. Our Tuf-Pak shipping containers are the toughest sleeves on the market. For added durability, they can even be manufactured from cross-laminated corrugated plastic and bolstered with metal reinforcements. Our products have a wide array of benefits including their rigidity and strength. Read more about our shipping totes and sleeves!

Tuf-Totes Shipping Totes

We understand that your products are valuable and that is why we provide shipping totes that are durable and lasting. Our Tuf-Totes ae customizable, printable, recyclable, and modular. So, if you want a specific product, we can customize it to fit your product precisely. In addition to our custom options, we also do internal dunnage engineering, so your product is protected from every angle when going through those harsher shipping environments. Our goal is to give our customers the design that best suits their product while also being cost friendly. Did I mention that our totes are also collapsible? This feature allows you to reuse and store your shipping containers in a condensed manner to save your facility room! Stop sending back your shipping containers and purchase a custom Tuf-Tote from Carter Associates Manufacturing.

Tuf-Pak Sleeves and Design Options

Our Tuf-Pak containers are available in a variety of different sizes and can engineered to fit your custom requirements! Not only that, but the side wall can be modified to simplify the loading and unloading of your product as well. Our economical and lightweight Tuf sleeves eliminate virtually any chance of product damage during transit. With our uniquely designed sleeves, pallets, totes, and dunnage – your product is sure to remain safe.

Don’t think that we can cater to the design of your product? Give us a call today and find out! We offer prototypes! With our thermoforming, custom vacuum formed components, and original equipment manufacturing – the chances are that we can and will provide you with the best possible prototype to show you in advance. With our prototype capabilities, we give our customers a design to showcase their product.

At Carter Associates Manufacturing, we are constantly innovating and investigating new materials, processes, and assembly to make sure that we provide our customers with only the best in shipping totes, sleeves, pallets, and dunnage. Keep your product safe with Carter Associates Manufacturing!

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