Why Quality Reusable Packaging Matters


If you’ve spent any amount of time managing your operation’s packaging materials, you know that quality matters. Low quality packaging materials, especially reusable packaging, can be a costly, long-term expense that eliminates many – if not all – of the benefits of using reusable packaging. In addition to this, you’ve likely dealt with customer service runarounds, replacement issues, and shipping delays. At Carter Associates, we pride ourselves on providing the industry’s best customer service and – more importantly – the market’s highest quality packaging materials.

Since 1976, we have led the industry in creating innovative, highly customizable, reusable packaging solutions. Aiming to reduce our clients’ packaging costs, safeguard their products against damage, and create lasting, long-term relationships, we celebrate over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Because of this, we are able to quickly, efficiently, and affordably deliver upon our clients’ needs.

Whether you need the durability of our Tuf-Pak shipping containers, the ruggedness of our thermoformed pallets, or the affordability of our Tuf-Totes shipping totes, we’re confident that we can deliver a product that meets your expectations. Even better, we’re certain that our products will help you lower your long-term costs and protect your products from damage during shipping and internal transport.

In addition to the highest quality reusable packaging on the market, we also offer the most attentive, responsive customer service in the industry. Our team is held to high standards. They are encouraged to work closely with clients to understand their needs and, once understood, to recommend products and solutions that will address those needs.

At Carter Associates, our focus is on high quality, low cost packaging solutions. Offering corrugated plastic containers, pallet storage, reusable packaging, and a range of other products, we have garnered the tools and experience necessary to deliver on all of your packaging needs.

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