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From recent developments in the design of reusable packaging and returnable containers to new manufacturing methods for creating durable, long-lasting sleeves and dunnage, Carter Associates aims to stay current will all of the latest industry news. To stay up-to-date with our interests and progress, be sure to visit this page often as we are always seeking ways to expand our knowledge and improve our products.

Custom Plastic Sleeves and Containers for Worry-Free Shipping


Since 1976, Carter Associates has been providing clients throughout Southwest Michigan with the most dependable shipping containers, totes, and plastic sleeves on the market. 

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Returnable Containers

Returnable Containers Help Save on Holiday Shipping


With mass amounts of products being moved during the holiday season, returnable containers are a great option for businesses because they can help them save on what they would otherwise spend with shipping containers. Packaging costs can add up quick when you are moving large amounts of goods, so returnable containers, especially durable and dependable ones, are a great resource to have to cut down on those costs.

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Tuf-Totes for Durable, Dependable Shipping Containers


Carter Associates Manufacturing offers the most durable shipping totes and sleeves available on the market. 

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Storage Solutions Customized to Meet Your Needs


Since 1976, Carter Associates has provided customers with reliable plastic storage containers. In addition to the collapsible plastic storage products we offer, we can also custom engineer or prototype shipping or storing containers to meet the specific needs unique to your business. 

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Plastic Returnable Containers

Professionally Crafted Returnable Plastic Containers for Any Need


When businesses need returnable plastic containers for their goods or products, Carter Associates crafts some of the best corrugated plastic and durable shipping totes that can be used specifically for this purpose. Our containers are crafted with your products in mind, adhering to the requirements they have for packing so that they might travel safer. We have designed plastic containers for products of all shapes and sizes, so you know that your products are safe with our containers.

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Get Reliable Shipping Containers from Carter Associates Inc.


When you need durable shipping containers, count on the professionals at Carter Associates to provide you with some of the strongest totes and sleeves in the industry. 

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You Can Count On Carter Associates


If you’ve been scouring the internet, looking for a new supplier of returnable or reusable packaging solutions, you’re in the right place. Carter Associates Manufacturing has earned a reputation for delivering timely, long-lasting custom plastic corrugated dunnage, totes, and sleeves. We believe that the best way to improve our customers’ operations is to give them the tools and provisions necessary to keep it moving. Working closely with every customer to understand their needs, we are able to create packaging for a large range of applications, from external shipping to internal transport. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss a few of the solutions that we provide.

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The Best in Customized Dunnage and Plastic Signs


Carter Associates Manufacturing specializes in shipping containers, plastic sleeves, and totes. We have a wide range of options including thermoforming and customized dunnage. Not only do we have a manufacturing for our dunnage, but we also produce plastic signs made from the same strong corrugated plastic. Utilized in a range of applications, from graduation and special events to sports and outdoor event promotions, our signs are designed to withstand the elements

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Pack Your Valuables with Custom Plastic Sleeves and Containers


We do totes, shipping containers, plastic sleeves, and more! With Carter Associates, we have the ability to custom thermoform our pallets and dunnage to perfectly fit your valuables to keep them safe throughout traveling and storage. In addition to this, our totes and sleeves are made collapsible to save your warehouse space! With our safe packing material, storing, warehousing, and handling – our cost-effective, high quality reusable packaging is the most efficient route to take when looking for tough containers that will last.

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We Offer Only the Best In Thermoformed Dunnage Prototyping


Thermoformed Dunnage Prototyping is one of the services that Carter Associates Manufacturing, Inc. does best. Our clients deserve quality products and services that reduce their costs and that is why we offer virtual sampling and prototyping for our thermoformed dunnage. In doing this, we can give our clients a preview of their dunnage with customized visual representation.

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