Custom Returnable Containers and Reusable Packaging Solutions


Reusable containers are one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions in the modern world. Without even discussing their untold environmental benefits, reusable containers all but eliminate recurring costs related to single-use packaging, such as:

  • Disposal of excess packaging
  • Prevention of environmental damages
  • Constantly purchasing more raw resources

Despite these benefits (and many more we haven’t named), it might feel like returnable containers aren’t an option for you if your products just don’t fit very well with the base units we provide. For that reason, we want to take today’s blog post to discuss the custom engineering and design services we offer that enable companies of all industries to utilize reusable shipping containers.

Custom Engineering the Right Returnable Container

If you create and ship a product that doesn’t fit in with conventional corrugated dunnage, then you might be feeling hopeless about your options for reusable packaging. Luckily, Carter Associates can help you out. Our team of professionals will work with you to engineer corrugated dunnage, plastic sleeves, pallet storage containers, and other packaging solutions you need. To get started, all we need are:

  • Dimensions
  • Specifications
  • Compounding requirements/unique needs you may have

With this information and your collaboration, we can get started on engineering custom returnable containers that will save you money.

Our Prototyping Services

In conjunction with our engineering services, we also offer prototyping and virtual sampling services. When engineering new prototypes and designs of dunnage and other returnable containers, physically creating and testing multiple iterations of a design can be resource- and labor-intensive. Therefore, to save our clients money, we offer virtual sampling and prototyping of all our designs. This way, both our team and yours can work together to see if the design addresses all your needs before we use our resources to make it a reality. Simply send us your part and any relevant information, and you’ll receive your first virtual sample within a week.

Returnable packaging is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and just plain easy to use. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to feel exhausted trying to find returnable packaging that works for you and your products. Here at Carter Associates, we believe there’s a solution for every problem—let us help craft yours today. Contact us here for more information on our returnable packaging and custom design services.

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