Welcome to the New Website of Carter Associates, Inc.

Corrugated Plastic Dunnage

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, the Carter Associates, Inc. website has recently undergone quite a transformation. Splitting our original website into two separate websites – one for packaging, another for signage – we’re aiming to simplify our customers’ shopping experience. In addition to this major change, we’ve also ensured that every aspect of the site is now mobile responsive, meaning that the site will properly display on cell phones, tablets and desktops!

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is in the site’s navigation. By streamlining the menu structure and creating a more intuitive way to traverse the site, we’re hoping that it is easier for our customers to find the corrugated plastic packaging and dunnage that they need. This new menu structure is topped off by the addition of a “Gallery” page where we’ve collected photographs of some of our more popular items, including our corrugated plastic totes and sleeves.

At Carter Associates, Inc., we want our customers to have a no-pressure, hassle-free experience. Whether you’re shopping for corrugated plastic dunnage, totes, sleeves or signage, we hope that you enjoy the ease of our new site. Be sure to check this news section often, as we intend to post relevant articles pertaining to new products, new manufacturing methods and new technologies in the packaging industry!

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