Carter Associates Sign Factory Offers Stunning, High-Quality Corrugated Plastic Signs

Corrugated Plastic Signs

When it comes to corrugated plastic signs and dunnage, Carter Associates is the market’s leading expert! With over forty years of experience producing high-quality corrugated plastic products, we’ve branched out into several markets, including durable, long-lasting signage. Whether you’re in need of an event marker, a booster sign, or anything in between, you can be confident that our signs are up to the challenge. Screen-printed and designed for all-weather use, they’re a surefire way to spread your organization’s message and – even better – can be used, reused, and repurposed as needed!

We understand that our customers want signs that last. They don’t want flimsy paper signs or cardboard signs that are, like, basically allergic to water. They want signs that can stand up to the elements, signs that can weather a thunderstorm and ride out a blizzard. Because of this, all of our corrugated plastic signs are made from rugged plastic. Screen-printed with your message, they are guaranteed to survive inclement weather.

Best of all, our signs can be fully customized to your specifications. Whether you want a blank sign or a sign with a custom message printed on it, we can work with you to design, develop, and print the exact signage that you need to promote your event. With a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes available, you can be confident that you’ll find something that will work for you and your organization.

At Carter Associates, we have a reputation for producing the industry’s most durable shipping solutions. Now, you can purchase high-quality, beautiful signage from us, as well! If you’ve been searching for a better way to promote political candidates, booster clubs, upcoming events, or sports tournaments, contact us today to learn more!

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