Need Durable, Long-Lasting Corrugated Plastic Sleeves? Take a Look at Tuf-Pak Sleeves!

Corrugated Plastic Sleeves

If you run a hectic, moving operation, corrugated plastic sleeves are likely a critical part of its success. Moving products from one place to the next can be perilous and, because of this, sleeves are relied upon to offer a certain level of protection. This protection is essential to maintaining the integrity of your products and can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Inferior, low-quality sleeves can lead to damage during transit, causing you to repair – or even discard – products that were improperly shipped. Carter Associates’ Tuf-Pak sleeves aim to eliminate these issues, though, by offering much more durable construction. In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at why Tuf-Pak sleeves are the best way to ensure that your products stay safe, secure, and intact during the shipping process.

Easy to store

All Tuf-Pak sleeves are fully collapsible, allowing them to be stored in spaces measuring a fraction of their size. Because of this, you can reduce the amount of shelving that you dedicate to storage and can utilize your facility’s space more efficiently.


Tuf-Pak corrugated plastic sleeves can be reinforced with cross-laminated plastic and a metal skeleton, resulting in an ultra-durable, long-lasting shipping solution. Rigid and resistant to moisture, you can be confident that they offer the absolute highest level of protection possible.


Traditional shipping materials are bulky and expensive to ship. Tuf-Pak sleeves weigh a fraction of the standard weight and can help to reduce transportation costs and allow for faster, easier in-house shipping.

At Carter Associates, our goal is to help all of our customers get their products from point A to point B with no heartache in between. If you’ve been searching for a rugged, long-lasting shipping solution, contact us today to discuss Tuf-Pak sleeves!

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