We Offer Only the Best In Thermoformed Dunnage Prototyping


Thermoformed Dunnage Prototyping is one of the services that Carter Associates Manufacturing, Inc. does best. Our clients deserve quality products and services that reduce their costs and that is why we offer virtual sampling and prototyping for our thermoformed dunnage. In doing this, we can give our clients a preview of their dunnage with customized visual representation.

How to Receive a Thermoformed Dunnage Prototype

Thermoformed dunnage prototypes are available through sample requests. We utilize several technologies to give our customers the best solutions in foam dunnage. We have the ability to fabricate urethanes, ethylene’s, and styrene’s using die cutting, water jet cutting, and molding.

To receive a thermoformed virtual sample, Carter Associates requests the part you wish to create packaging for. Typically, within a week, our graphic design team will create a detailed graphic that shows your part with its proposed dunnage. Request a virtual sample here if this is the route you would like to take with your prototyped dunnage.

Custom Dunnage

At Carter Associates, we specialize in custom dunnage such as plastic corrugated dunnage, thermoformed dunnage, and foam dunnage. During our manufacturing, we use state-of-the-art technology, CAD, and computer-controlled processing to create quality thermoformed dunnage that helps you keep your products safe. Our dunnage is made to last, reusable, recyclable, and all of our items can be stacked when not in use – saving you valuable floor space.

We offer custom vacuum formed components, materials and assemblies for dunnage, OEM components and pallets. When looking for custom dunnage, Carter Associates Manufacturing Inc. has what you are looking for. With us, you are guaranteed to receive quality, custom work created by the experienced experts of our team here at Carters.

Contact Us Today

To contact Carter Associates Manufacturing Inc. regarding our custom dunnage or thermoformed dunnage prototypes – call us at (269) 489-5021 or get ahold of us using our online contact form available through our website. We are also available at info@carterassociates.org and by fax at (269) 489-5322. We can be reached through mail at P.O. Box 87 in Burr Oak, Michigan 49030. Safeguard your products with our totes, dunnage, sleeve packs, and more.

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