Who is Carter Associates MFG?


Carter Associates was founded in 1976 by Mr. Lloyd Carter and began as a service company selling plastic parts and tools. At this point we were using external custom molders and toolmakers to manufacture our molds and parts. In 1986, Mr. Alan Carter joined the corporation, and we began developing the corrugated plastic dunnage, containers, and sleeves that we continue to manufacture today. In 2002, we expanded to include the manufacturing of supplies for sign companies, including the production of custom printed signs on site. In 2004, we created our sign company so that we could streamline the ordering process to customers only interested in custom signage. For the next few decades, we continued to grow until there were three facilities and we were providing in-house manufacturing. It is our forward thinking that has allowed us to continue to grow and what has boosted us into becoming the industry leader for creating cutting edge technologies.

Today, our family-owned facilities in southern Michigan provide 60,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. We provide cost-effective, product-saving reusable packaging, corrugated dunnage, shipping totes, thermoformed packaging, and more. From our earliest beginnings, we have continued to maintain our focus on high quality, low-cost packaging solutions. Although Carter Associate’s operation has grown since its start in 1976, we’ve remained committed to strengthening our product lines by investigating new materials, processes, and assembly methods. Through this continued learning, we have been able to apply our knowledge to new markets and have even opted to expand into the world of screen-printed signs through our Sign Factory.

So, if you are looking to assemble a temporary, moveable, or flexible structure, Carter Associates' corrugated plastic products are a perfect solution. Our weatherproof, structural laminates are an extremely efficient, low-cost way to erect structures, such as deer blinds, RV sidewalls, insulated packaging and more. Manufactured with the same durable, versatile construction as our shipping containers, our structural laminates are available in fiberglass, polypropylenes, ABS, polystyrene, X-Link foam and more.

Made to fit your need, Carter Associates has the best that storage has to offer. With our simple to store in bulk containers that are reusable and compact, making them convenient for shelf storing and our packaging ready to use right out of the box – we have your ease in mind. Contact us today for more information about our products.

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