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Returnable Plastic Containers: Environmentally Friendly Uses of Plastic


In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing what separates single-use plastics from returnable containers, and how switching to reusable can save you money.

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Are Returnable Plastic Containers Good for the Environment?


Returnable plastic containers can be something of a divisive issue: are they helpful for the environment or harmful? Today, we’ll be exploring whether returnable plastic containers have positive or negative environmental impacts, and how you can responsibly reduce your plastic waste while saving money.

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4 Ways Reusable Packaging Saves You Money


In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the different advantages the Carter Associates team brings to companies throughout Southwestern Michigan and beyond.

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3 Returnable Containers that Will Save You Thousands


It’s a simple truth of shipping and receiving that packaging costs pile up faster than you might expect. Packaging products to be sent out as well as unpacking products that you receive can accrue debilitating costs if you’re not getting good mileage on the packaging you use.

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Plastic Returnable Containers

Professionally Crafted Returnable Plastic Containers for Any Need


When businesses need returnable plastic containers for their goods or products, Carter Associates crafts some of the best corrugated plastic and durable shipping totes that can be used specifically for this purpose. Our containers are crafted with your products in mind, adhering to the requirements they have for packing so that they might travel safer. We have designed plastic containers for products of all shapes and sizes, so you know that your products are safe with our containers.

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