4 Ways Reusable Packaging Saves You Money


Reusable packaging is something of an art to us here at Carter Associates. Where some may see the creation and management of packaging and returnable containers as a chore, we take pride in crafting the multifaceted abilities of the perfect package.

Reusable packaging isn’t just about getting your product from A to B.  Well-designed, reliable reusable packaging follows every step of a container’s life cycle: storing, (un)loading, warehousing, and handling. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the different advantages the Carter Associates team brings to companies throughout Southwestern Michigan and beyond.

Storing in Bulk

One of the most important factors of a reusable container’s life cycle is the storing phase. That’s why we create our reusable packaging so it can be folded into a flat configuration while it’s not in use. From here, the containers can be placed on shelves for easy storage.

Simple (Un)Loading

Because we’ve made the process of storing and breaking down containers so simple, we decided to make the loading and unloading process just as easy. Our packaging is not only made for easy stacking while carrying your products, but also for simple movement, loading, and unloading. We understand that the cost of packaging isn’t just the cost of materials and production for the packaging, itself, but also the labor costs of filling and emptying the packages and the logistics associated with them. For this reason, we design our reusable shipping containers to be simple to move, load, unload, and pack.

Warehousing Made Easy

In addition to the stacking capabilities of our returnable plastic containers, we design all our products to minimize usage of floor space. We do this by making our reusable packaging easy to fold, stack, and maneuver.

Ready-to-Use Handling

One of the great benefits of being a premier reusable packaging supplier is that our products aren’t just ready to use right out of the box—our products are the box. When you purchase packaging from Carter Associates, you’re set to get started packing as soon as you receive them.

Every product deserves a packaging solution. When you work with us here at Carter Associates, you’re working with a team that believes every packaging solution is its own work of art. If you’d like to benefit from the many advantages our reusable packaging provides, contact us today for more information.

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